‘Saved many lives’: the Kansas soldiers was hit by a car the shooter who opened fire on people

In Kansas, 34-year-old soldier stopped a man who opened fire on people and vehicles on the bridge, striking his car, writes USA Today.

'Спас много жизней': в Канзасе солдат сбил машиной стрелка, открывшего огонь по людям

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The local police chief called a soldier from Fort Leavenworth hero for the termination of the incident with an active shooter at the century-old bridge.

Soldiers intervened, striking the gunman with his car, said the chief of police of Leavenworth Pet Kitchens.

One man received a gunshot wound during the incident. The suspect also was wounded.

Kitchens said that the soldier probably saved “countless lives,” thanks to the timely intervention.

According to the chief of police, may 27 at around 11 a.m. several law enforcement officers responded to the events that took place on the Centennial bridge — from the reported active shooter. Centennial bridge stretches across the Missouri river from North Leavenworth to Platte County, Missouri.

Kitchens said the suspect, who was identified as 37-year-old man of Platte County, got out of his car and allegedly began to shoot at other vehicles.

According to police, he did not have a specific purpose.

“People just randomly fired into their cars when they drove by,” said he.

30-year-old man, who also serves Fort Leavenworth, was wounded in the incident. Kitchens said that two cars were damaged by bullets.

When officers arrived at the scene, the suspect was trapped under the car.

The wounded suspect was taken to the hospital. Kitchens said that they were both in serious but stable condition in the afternoon of 27 may.

According to the chief of police, the suspect was brought to the bridge at least two firearms: a pistol and a semi-automatic rifle.

During the shooting on the bridge, worked a team of workers, and the movement was allowed only in one direction.

Initially there were reports that the shooting could be the result of the so-called road rage is a condition in which a person experiences intense anger in relation to other “neighbors” down the road (before the incident on the bridge was a traffic jam). But the police said that it is not identified the motive of the suspect.

According to the chief of police were also reports of gunfire in other parts of the district. But the specific incident was limited to the bridge.

The centennial bridge was closed after the shooting, it opened only a few hours later. Closed and the main entrance to Fort Leavenworth. A representative of the Fort Jeff Wingo said it was requested by the police, while on the nearby bridge have been investigated.




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