Scandal because of the protests: the mayor of Portland requires trump not to interfere

The mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler demanded on Friday, July 17, to the President of the United States Donald trump brought forth out of the city armed Federal agents, after they started to detain people on the streets away from Federal properties that these agents were supposed to protect. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Скандал из-за протестов: мэр Портленда требует от Трампа не вмешиваться

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“Keep their troops in their own buildings, or let them leave our city,” said mayor Democrat Ted Wheeler at a press conference, referring to the President.

The Governor of Oregon, Democrat Kate brown, has suggested that trump is a confrontation in the hope to score political points before the election, and trying to divert attention from the pandemic COVID-19, which became worse as in Oregon and throughout the country.

Press Secretary of Governor Charles Boyle said that the arrest of people without sufficient grounds is “an extremely serious violation of their civil liberties and constitutional rights.”

The attorney General of Oregon, Ellen Rosenblum declared that will submit in Federal court a lawsuit against the Department of homeland security, the U.S. marshals Service, Customs and border protection service and the Federal security service, alleging that they violated the civil rights of the people of Oregon, detaining them without probable cause. The state’s attorney will also seek an interim injunction in respect of acts of the Federal authorities.

Federal authorities have charged at least 13 people linked to the protests in Portland. Some of these people were arrested at the Federal courthouse, next to which in the last weeks there were riots, but the other was captured a few blocks from the Federal building.

Customs and border service said that its agents have information that one of the detained men is suspected of assaulting the Federal agents, or destruction of Federal property.

“As soon as the agents of Customs and border protection service approached the suspect, a huge and aggressive crowd began to move in their direction. As General security agents quickly moved the suspect to a safer place”, — said in a statement.

On Friday, July 17, the Prosecutor of the Portland Billy Williams stated that he appealed to the inspector General of the Department of homeland security to investigate the actions of Agency staff in the city.

Friday, two Oregon senators and two members of the house of representatives from Oregon demanded that U.S. attorney General William Barr and the acting head of the Department of homeland security, Chad Wolfe immediately brought “the Federal paramilitary forces of the state.”

Members of Congress also said that he would ask the inspector General of the Department of homeland security and the Department of justice to investigate the presence and actions of the Federal forces in Portland.

Wolfe visited Portland on Thursday, July 16, and called the demonstrators who protest against racism and police brutality, “violent anarchists”. Wolf accused the state government and the city that they did not put an end to the protests. However, on Friday, the Portland police said that they arrested 20 people.

Several riots took place in Portland Thursday night, one near the Federal courthouse and the other near a police station in another part of town. The police ordered the protesters to leave after demonstrators chanted calls to burn the building. One of the protesters later said that the chant was “rather rhetorical statement, not a real call” to the arson.

On Friday, July 17, the police chief of Portland Chuck Lovell told reporters that his staff are in contact with Federal agents, but they do not control the actions of each other.

“We communicate with Federal officials for the purposes of situational awareness and conflict resolution, said Lovell, — We work in a very, very close proximity to each other.”

The Reaction Of The Trump

Trump has defended the actions of Federal law enforcement on his Twitter page: “We are trying to help Portland and not to hurt him. The city leaders a few months ago, lost control, who moved to the anarchists. They do not perform their duties. We must protect Federal property and our people. It’s not simple protesters,” writes the Ukrainian service of “Voice of America”.

Скандал из-за протестов: мэр Портленда требует от Трампа не вмешиваться

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The American civil liberties Union of Oregon called the actions of Federal law enforcement against protesters in Portland “unconstitutional”.

“What is happening now in Portland, should concern everyone in the United States, said Ian Carson, interim Executive Director of the Union. — Usually when we see people in unmarked cars who forcibly grab someone on the street, we call it kidnapping”.

Acting Deputy Secretary for homeland security Ken Cuccinelli said that Federal agents have used unmarked vehicles to arrest people in Portland. But he added that this was done in order to protect officers from the crowd and move the detainees to a “safe place for interrogations.”

The speaker of the U.S. house of representatives Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Earl of Portland of Blumenauer later on Saturday, July 18, criticized the actions of Federal officials to arrest and use against the demonstrators with tear gas: “last month, the Administration used tear gas against peaceful protesters in Washington (DC). Now we see them in unmarked cars abducted protesters in Portland — all with the aim to stir up tensions for their own benefit. Although Portland is the current target of the President, any city could be next. The house of representatives is determined to make immediate steps to stop this terrible abuse of power”.



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