“Scarecrow!” Grandson Pugacheva shaved her head (photo)

«Чучело!» Внук Пугачевой побрился наголо (фото)

Grandson of Alla Pugacheva Nikita, decided recently with his wife Alena in a desperate move during a holiday in Dubai, it appears, has long been a fan of extreme sports.

About it writes “StarHit”.

So, going through home archives, he found a curious photo of her youth. In the frame Nikita is imprinted with a typewriter in hand at the time of shearing. According to the musician, in his thirteen years, he decided to experiment with the image, shaved bald.

“And this happened” — signed picture Nikita.

«Чучело!» Внук Пугачевой побрился наголо (фото)

Fans were delighted with this picture and immediately compared it to the celestial mother by Christina Aguilera, which played a major role in the film “Scarecrow”, and the plot did not always adequate actions.

“Lena Bessoleva of “Stuffed”. Genes take their toll!” — write users.

There were also those who draws an analogy with other stars: “When it was urgent to “reset it” “Well, Britney Spears!”.

Also the newspaper reminds that recently many fans are interested in the question, when is Nikita going to do Kristina Orbakaite grandmother, “young” father, Vladimir Presnyakov-younger grandfather, a “young” mother Alla Pugacheva great-grandmother. At the same time 26-year-old Nikita is in no hurry to become a father, explaining that his wife Alena Krasnova only 21, she is studying at University, so about children not yet conceived.

Although recent photos of Alena forced fans to suspect that the girl is “interesting” position — slim Alain somehow started wearing baggy clothes, she denied the speculation of fans.

As previously reported “FACTS”, Nikita Presnyakov was the reason, Alla Pugacheva had a fight with Christina Aguilera.

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