‘Scene worthy of Halloween’: a family from Iowa had discovered that the cellar of their house covered with blood

Nick Lestina of Bagley, Iowa, made a frightening discovery in the basement of his house: 5 inches (12 cm) blood fat and tissues of animal origin has seeped into the basement through the floor drain, creating a terrible scene, “a worthy film on Halloween,” according to the owner of the house. What happened?

'Сцена, достойная Хэллоуина': семья из Айовы обнаружила, что подвал их дома залит кровью

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“Those are the things that you think will never happen to see,” said the man USA Today.

Lestina, the father of five children, lived 10 years next to the meat locker. According to him, this neighborhood never caused any problems — until October 3, when he found that the bilge water pump is spewing red liquid. Two weeks later, the blood still seeping into the basement, and the Department of health of Iowa told the family that live in the house unsafe. So they had to move in with relatives.

“We already had a company that deals with cleaning and disinfection, but they cannot begin this process until the blood ceases to leak, said Lestina. — I talked with different people, dealing with such issues, and it didn’t look promising deal. I need dry weather.”

Despite all Lestina says his family was lucky in one respect: the basement mostly used for storage of holiday decorations and a couple of cots. He still did not go there to know whether it is possible to salvage something.

“When I entered the house, it smelled like a slaughterhouse,” said senior specialist on environmental protection of the state of Iowa Keith Wilken.

'Сцена, достойная Хэллоуина': семья из Айовы обнаружила, что подвал их дома залит кровью

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Wilken was called to investigate the source of biological waste, which he traced to mesochrysa. He said that the owner of Caitlin Dahl showed him the kill room the cattle, which she poured the blood into the sewer after killing pigs and cattle.

The investigator left the fluorescent dye in the sewer, and after 10 minutes the dye appeared in the basement Lestiny.

The drain in both buildings connected to the same line. A blockage in the line, probably led to the fact that the blood got into the house.

Usually of these pipes for the waste to fall into surface waters, but this, according to him, clearly broken. In the meat locker, work is underway to address additional selection. The company has cemented grate drain in the floor and pumped to the biological waste from the basement Lestiny in a reservoir with a capacity of 1100 gallons.

“The contractor will pump the waste and dispose of them properly,” he said Wilken.

Caitlin and Jared Dahl purchased the meat locker in April after several years of working in the business. According to them, they did not change anything after the previous owners. Now the company checks the Department of agriculture and land stewardship state of Iowa, and, according to owners, the plumbing checked, the County Guthrie in March and may.

'Сцена, достойная Хэллоуина': семья из Айовы обнаружила, что подвал их дома залит кровью

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Lestina said that cleaning will cost him about $ 2,000. In addition, he will have to pay 2300 for damaged pump, which missed a lot of animal fat — the device worked for only 3 months.

According to him, after transfer on local television owners mesochrysa first approached him with an offer to pay the fee. Caitlin Dahl claims that her company was always intended to help with cleaning costs for the family.

“We don’t want to hurt anyone. We are not bad people. We are trying to make a living, and not to make enemies,” she said.

Lestina said he hopes that the problem can be solved without a trial.

“I just want to go back to his house, he says. — I’m not looking for retribution. I just want them to take responsibility for what happened. This is true”.