Schwarzenegger has filed a lawsuit against the Russian company that created a robot with his face

The role of the terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed a lawsuit against the Russian company Promobot, who created his robot double. The car is able to speak and move his eyes, eyebrows and neck. Ironically, it’s not the terminator, a robot-nanny, designed to monitor kids when parents aren’t home, according Meduza.

Шварценеггер подал в суд на российскую компанию, создавшую робота с его лицом

Photo: screenshot video

The actor requires him to pay $ 10 million, including profit from public impressions of the robot, and to stop the misuse of his image.

Promobot brought the robot on electronics show CES in Las Vegas in January 2020. After that, with the company supposedly contacted the lawyers for Schwarzenegger and asked not to use the image of the actor for display at public events. But the company still brought the robot doubles in the past in February, the toy fair in new York. Thus in Promobot claim that there are no claims to them did not arrive.

RIA Novosti contacted representatives of the company. According to them, “the skin of the robot” will have to be disposed of, if Promobot and will not be able to negotiate with the representatives of Schwarzenegger on the rights to use his image.



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