Scientist: asymptomatic COVID-19 not exist, and the coronavirus that causes common seasonal illness

In the study by Swiss scientist Woes Stadler reported that the coronavirus is a common seasonal illness, and asymptomatic carriers do not exist: these people have immunity to vozbuditel COVID-19 and infect others they can’t. This writes ZN.

Ученый: бессимптомного COVID-19 не существует, а коронавирус - обычное сезонное заболевание

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In the fight against coronavirus around the world, mistakes were made, said a microbiologist, Professor Emeritus and former Director of the Institute of immunology of the University of Bern Beda Stadler. His research has published a portal to the American Academy of medicine for life extension.

According to Stadler, in the fight against coronavirus made a number of errors.

And above all, the scientist denies the exclusivity of the virus. Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 is not a completely new virus, it is similar to other coronaviruses; it is like a seasonal virus, causing a cold, which mutates and disappears in summer. So, for example, “many veterinarians were annoyed by a statement on the novel coronavirus because they years instilled in him from cats, dogs, pigs and cows.”

The danger of coronavirus is the lack of immunity from him, considered the researchers. However, studies confirming this have not performed.

“It was not science, but pure speculation, based on intuition, which all echoed each other”, — said Stadler.

In support of this scholar cites that the new coronavirus have had less impact in those areas of China where previously there was the outbreak of the SARS virus that caused SARS.

“This is a clear indication that our immune system considers SARS and coronavirus at least partially similar and that one virus can protect us from others,” he said.

Also the researcher cites as an example the research of German scientists. According to him, at 34% of the inhabitants of Berlin without a history of coronavirus, identified acquired immune system, which respond to T-cells. This means that these cells, finding a Sars-CoV-2 a similar structure with the causative agents of the common cold, fight with him, says Stadler.

What epidemiologists do not believe in the seasonality of coronavirus, led to the incorrect preparation of models and forecasts.

“When the initial worst-case scenario never came true, some still cling to a model that predicts a second wave,” says Stadler.

Does not exist and asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus: they, like most children, are not included in the risk group are immune to the disease, said the scientist. An error has occurred due to the fact that the tests for coronavirus are unable to determine whether the virus is alive still or already suppressed immune system, and eventually can take over the active disease, “the tiny shattered pieces of the virus”.

“It is likely that a large number of daily reports of infection occurs exclusively due to viral debris,” says Stadler.

“The next joke you share some of virologists, by stating that those who are sick without symptoms can still infect other people. The “healthy” patients in the throat it would be so much virus that a normal conversation between two people would be enough to healthy infected healthy another,” the scientist said.

If we assume that the so-called asymptomatic carriers of the virus already depressed, they can not spread disease, says Stadler.

“Now the virus is gone. It may be winter, but it will not be a second wave, and seasonal. Those young and healthy people who currently walk with a mask on her face, it would be better to wear a helmet, because the risk that something will fall on their heads more than the risk of serious infected with a coronavirus,” said Stadler. And in winter, “people will still get sick, and can wear their masks to show others what they have learned from this pandemic,” concluded the scientist.


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