Scientists call the age at which old age begins: the main signs of aging

Professor at Harvard medical school Alex Kimball conducted a study that allowed to better understand the aging process of the skin.

Ученые назвали возраст, в котором начинается старость: главные признаки старения

This experiment lasted for two years. It was attended by more than 200 women of different nationalities.

In the course of the work, the researchers came to the conclusion that throughout life in the skin of man there are five basic processes slow down in five stages. The first process of slowing down begins when the reduced amounts of antioxidants — this period begins twenty years.

But in General, the beginning of visible aging at all is different. It all depends on lifestyle, race and genetics. The average is 30-35 years.

By the way, that came old age, according to the following characteristics:

You began to note the appearance of spider veins (rosacea) on the face after temperature changes and alcohol.

Began to appear the first wrinkles, second chin, and “saggy” eyelids.

You would often “visit” insomnia.

Neck and decollete became flabby.

Came hyperpigmentation, which suggests that the body began to remove toxins through the skin.

Fatigue began to overtake faster.

Enlarged pores are a common problem not only among teenagers, but among men of Mature age.

The systematic appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Regular back pain and joints.

Changed sense of taste.

Changes in the shape of the face. Unfortunately, this characteristic can be observed already after 30 years, when women begins to “float” person.