“Scientists DNR” decided to investigate “the human biofield”

The militants believe that the study of “the human aura” will benefit the industry.

«Ученые ДНР» взялись исследовать «биополе человека»

In “DNR” became interested in the “human biofield” / mpt-dnr.ru

In the state militia Donetsk National technical University told about the unscientific method of “photographing biofield” of a person, but also about the great prospects of using this method in industry and medicine.

A message appeared on the website of the “Ministry of industry and trade of the NPT.” A lecture on “the fields around the person” made “associate Professor of the electrical engineering faculty of DonNTU” Sergei Jura. “Around the person, there is not only this field. Previously, our ancestors tried to portray them as dolls, painters – in the form of auras around saints. Science needs repeatable and desirable modern pictures recorded with a computer”, he said.

According to him, the “field” around a person can capture with the help of “GDV-method”, open inventor, Semyon Kirlian in the mid-twentieth century. So, the glow effect objects in electromagnetic fields of high tension, in his opinion, allows you to capture a field, supposedly generated by the human body. Note that the Kirlian effect has long been studied and used to find hidden defects in metals. However, in pseudo-scientific publications is often argued that it helps capture the “biofield” or “aura” of a person. In the “Ministry” of the occupiers believe that the study of the biofield will benefit the industry. “DonNTU scientists believe that the GDV method in addition to medicine will find wide application in many branches of industry of the Donetsk people’s Republic”, – said in a statement on its website.