Scientists flatly denied one of the myths about women

Turns out that women are no better than men are able to switch attention from task to task. Studies have shown that they are just doing more work.

Multitasking is traditionally seen as a strong feminine quality. The woman knows how to combine work and household, to find balance among a crazy mixture of problems of children, housework, career, meetings and family events.

Ученые категорически опровергли один из мифов о женщинах

The myth of multitasking means that mothers are expected to “do everything”. But a new study has shown that women’s brains really are no better suited to this than the brain of a man, writes

A team of German scientists decided to test whether women are better at switching attention, retain multiple tasks simultaneously and combine their execution. The results showed that both female and male brain to cope with this kind of load is bad. The conclusion of experts is unequivocal: none of us are good at multitasking. It overloads the brain and makes it work less effective.

Multitasking is running multiple independent tasks in a short time. But the human brain can manage several activities in parallel. He needs to constantly switch. Moreover, when two tasks are similar, they compete for the use of the same part of the brain, making multitasking more difficult.

In the new study, German researchers measured reaction time and accuracy of performing tasks in men and women. The participants had to pay attention to two tasks at once (simultaneous multitasking) and to switch attention from one to another (sequential multitasking). Multitasking both types of reduced speed and accuracy in participants of both sexes equally.

But if the female brain is exactly the same suffers from multitasking like men and why women perform most of the housework? And what are the implications of such a stereotype?

Experts emphasize that working mothers report poorer mental health than fathers. They carry a greater cognitive load associated with the organization needs of the family and it damages their health and impedes implementation.

Women are not superheroes, and the more work they do, it’s just an incremental load, which is to share equally.

Fortunately, today’s society is gradually changing and more and more men seek to make women equal contribution to family and parenting.