Scientists found that will destroy cancer: it is each

Scientists have found another way to fight cancer

Our body has the function of protection against various life-threatening conditions. However, in some cases, our reserves are not enough. For example in the fight against cancer. Thus in science there are cases when it is the most advanced stage of the disease retreated and the man was cured, even though the most powerful methods of therapy have not worked.

About the new study, experts from northwestern University in Chicago, writes the edition EurekAlert. According to available information, the new method is the genetic code that is embedded in RNA and micro-RNA of all our cells.

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“Cancer can “adapt” to chemo – and radiotherapy, but it can become resistant to the genetic code. As soon as the cell “understands” that it mutates into cancer, it is introduced this code so she died,” said lead author Marcus Peter.

Studies of the new mechanism began in 2017, when Marcus found that when the tumors are a few RNA molecules, sequenced from normal cell death in cancer. It was also identified that this method does not develop resistance.

“It’s like that to kill himself, shoot himself and jump off a building at the same time. In such a situation will not survive,” explains Marcus.

“Based on what we have learned can now create artificial microRNAs, which are more effective in killing cancer cells, than even those created by nature. We absolutely need to turn this into a new form of therapy,” he said.