Scientists found the most dangerous for mankind time of year

Scientists have discovered the most deadly to mankind and told what danger

Ученые обнаружили самое опасное для человечества время года

In a special edition of JAMA Cardiolgy have heard alarming news of Swedish researchers, based on years of observations and statistical calculations.

Scientists, examining the case histories of more than 200 000 Swedes, whose age exceeded 50 years, found that winter is a deadly time of year for people prone to heart attacks.

Lowering the temperature more than 10 degrees, gives about the same increase in the percentage of sudden cardiac pathologies.

Tellingly, at the same time, warm clothing is not the saving factor. Probably talking about the vasoconstriction in the local area, which then provokes a reaction of the whole organism. The fact that the heart in response to tactile sensation, instantly changes its rhythm and accelerates the reduction to saturate the entire body with blood.

Fats and proteins that are in the process of human evolution designed to survive in cold conditions, unfortunately, can not replace vitamins from fresh vegetables and fruits. Of course, the necessary products are available on the shelves of stores, but the physiological processes produced by thousands of years, impede the transition in the cold on a balanced diet.

Ученые обнаружили самое опасное для человечества время года

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