Scientists have changed their opinion, which sport is the most useful

Running and lifting weights are crucial for maintaining the body in good shape. But these kinds of exercise is not the most effective for preserving physical and mental health.

Ученые поменяли мнение, какой вид спорта самый полезный

Researchers at the University of Georgia reported that some sports can not only positively affect the condition of the muscles, but also improve cognitive function.

The researchers analyzed the results of 70 studies, which compared the benefits of different sports, and came to the conclusion that the most efficient are physical exercises which includes a cognitive component. An occupation that requires thought processes or the use of additional skills (e.g., dance dance, running through the obstacle course, mountain Biking or even juggling) is useful not only for body but also for the brain.

“In such cases, the body manages complex processes. We assume that the maximum positive effect is achieved due to the fact that the brain has to process information, solve problems and remember at the time when the body moves,” said study co-author and Professor of kinesiology Philip Tomporowski.

This discovery may encourage many to change the usual form of exercise, to the maximum extent possible to help the body to stay in shape for years to come.

“Currently, the General medical recommendation is that people should exercise at least 3 times a week. But, it turns out, this is not enough. New data suggest that to prolong the youth of the body and brain need more than mindless exercise. Let’s all join together sports and the thought process and get the maximum benefit”, – concluded the expert.