Scientists have created an antibody that neutralizes coronavirus in human cells

Although currently there is no known cure for the disease COVID-19, the researchers first created antibody, “neutralizing SARS-CoV-2” in human cells, suggesting a potential for prevention and treatment of coronavirus infection, writes Fox News.

Ученые впервые создали антитело, нейтрализующее коронавирус в клетках человека

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The study indicated that the antibody, known as 47D11, was created in a lab environment and is able to inactivate the so-called protein spikes found in SARS-CoV-2 — the virus which causes COVID-19, as well as the virus SARS-CoV that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome.

“Our data show that 47D11 neutralizes SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 through a yet unknown mechanism that is different from the receptor-binding intervention, the researchers write in their work. — It was reported on alternative mechanisms of coronavirus neutralizing antibodies, including inactivation of protein spikes through the destabilization of the structure.”

The virus SARS-CoV, causing severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) first appeared in 2002 in China, and provoked an outbreak in 2002-2004. According to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases, the virus associated with horseshoe bats, led to 774 known deaths.

47D11 antibody is a monoclonal antibody that was previously used to create cancer drugs, according to the Mayo clinic.

Monoclonal antibodies are defined as “molecules of laboratory and production designed for use as a substitute antibodies,” added the Mayo clinic.

The researchers noted that the process of development of any potential drug is at an early stage, but nevertheless the result is promising.

“This antibody will be useful to develop tests for the detection of antigens and serological analyses focused on the SARS-CoV-2. Neutralizing antibodies can modify the course of infection in an infected person, keeping clean the body of the virus, or to protect the uninfected, who are exposed to the virus. Therefore, this antibody individually or in combination, has the potential to prevent and / or treat COVID-19, and possibly other future diseases in humans caused by viruses.”

The study was published in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

As of morning on may 5 worldwide were diagnosed with more than 3.6 million cases of coronavirus, more than 1.18 million of whom are in the US, the most affected country on the planet.

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