Scientists have developed a coating that destroys coronavirus on surfaces

During a pandemic, COVID-19 people go to any lengths to minimize contact with surfaces for General use, such as carts in supermarkets, door handles or switches. At the Polytechnic University of Virginia have found a solution to the problem. Together with the Hong Kong University, American scientists have developed a coating, which becomes a barrier for coronavirus. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Ученые разработали покрытие, уничтожающее коронавирус на поверхностях

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The cover resembles paint, but it is not only decorative, but also disinfectant properties.

“Paint contains the active ingredient — copper oxide made from recycled copper pipe and wire, that is completely out of recycled materials. This oxide deactivates the coronavirus,” — said Professor of the Polytechnic University of Virginia William Daker.

At the University stress that the uniqueness of the opening in its simplicity. The principle of operation is the same as with silver ions that kill bacteria. For unclear until the end reason, the coronavirus is destroyed by contact with copper oxide. It is enough to apply copper paint on any surface and wait until it dries.

“After that coronavirus will be permanently destroyed, day after day. There is no need to apply the coating again. After all, when you paint house, you can’t do it every day,” says Daker.

The coating can be applied, for example, on the door handles of the car or the wheel, because they cannot be cleaned with disinfectants after each touch. And any other commonly shared surfaces, such as handrails on public transport.

According to the study, the virus dies on the painted surface for one hour, and the efficiency of the method is 99.9%. Although virus paint is detrimental, people will not notice much of a difference, touching the painted items.

“Texture anticavity paint is very smooth, says Daker. — We painted the handle, which people in the USA are usually signed transaction credit cards, and for which people are often afraid to tackle. You would have noticed that she dyed: plain smooth surface, as a conventional handle.”

Advantage protivokariosnoe paint call and the absence of sharp smell – when applied there is a faint smell of copper wire, but a few hours later it disappears.

Scientists say that copper oxide makes the paint incredibly durable.

“My student tried to scrape it with a blade, but she didn’t pull away,” says William Daker.

While the paint comes only in one color – brown-red because it is the color of copper oxide.

“It’s kind of distinctive feature,” says Daker. According to him, the paint will also try to make transparent.

Now the Professor is thinking about how to commercialize the invention. As with many other innovations to combat COVID-19, it can be much more challenging than the process of the invention. The paint has the distinct advantage of prohibitively expensive, it will not.

“I think it will be quite affordable, says Daker. Now I just launch on the market, and it’s quite difficult because I’m a Professor, not a businessman. So I can’t name a specific price but I believe that technology will be available for ordinary people, not just millionaires.”


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