Scientists have discovered a planet where it rains iron

The researchers found distant from earth, the planet where they believe the rain of iron, reports the Independent.

Учёные обнаружили планету, на которой идут дожди из железа

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On one side of the planet’s permanent day, because of what the temperature there is as high as 2400 ° C (4352 f). This leads to evaporation of the metal on the surface of the planet, which subsequently is transferred by strong winds, on the other side of the cosmic body, where the constant night and a lot cooler. There’s a pair of iron cooled and congenerous in drops, which then fall to the surface as rain.

“We can say that in the evening on this rainy planet, with the exception that precipitation of iron,” says David Ehrenreich, Professor, University of Geneva in Switzerland, who led the study, discovered an exotic planet.

This planet, called WASP-76b, it is at a distance of 640 light-years away in the constellation Pisces.

The causes of this extreme environment is that the “day side” of the planet is always facing its parent star. On the other, the “night” side of eternal darkness. The planet rotates on the same principle as the Moon, which to the star all the time turned only one side of it.

The day side receives heat from the star many thousands of times more than we get on Earth. Heat causes molecules to break apart into atoms, causing the evaporated metal enters the atmosphere.

Scientists say that the difference in temperature between the two sides of the planet creates strong winds across the planet, carrying a pair of iron from the hot side to the cold and dumping them in the form of rain.

In addition to the different temperatures on both sides of the planet different chemical composition. Astronomers observed the planet using the ESPRESSO instrument on the Very Large Telescope, which was discovered clear differences between the two sides of the astronomical body.