Scientists have discovered a way to destroy coronavirus in 25 seconds: how it works

Scientists from National laboratory of infectious diseases (NIEDL) Boston University together with Signify found a way to destroy coronavirus infection in 25 seconds. This writes Lenta.Ru.

Ученые обнаружили способ уничтожения коронавируса за 25 секунд: как он работает

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It is noted that the ultraviolet radiation is of special lamps are effectively inactivates SARS-CoV-2. Experts in the experiment, processed the contaminated virus material with different doses of ultraviolet radiation lamps.

It was found that at a dose of 5 millijoules per square centimeter the spread of the coronavirus is reduced by 99% for six seconds. When exposed to 22 millijoule per square centimeter, the virus is destroyed almost completely in 25 seconds.

Earlier in June, the American and Chinese scientists came to the conclusion that people may never develop antibodies to the coronavirus, because in some cases they disappear after the patient’s recovery. Experts came to this conclusion by studying the emergence of immunity in health care workers of Wuhan city, has become a hotbed of coronavirus. The doctors were in direct contact with the infected patients in the early stages of outbreaks. It turned out that at least a quarter of the 23 studied thousands of doctors have been infected with coronavirus, but only 4% developed antibodies.

The total number of people infected with coronavirus in the world to 26 June exceeded 9.7 million. For the entire period of the pandemic died 492 184 infected people, 5.7 million people were recovered.



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