Scientists have discovered the mortal danger of eating white meat

Before experts in one voice said about the dangers of red meat and have been advised to eat as little as possible and infrequently. Now, however, doctors warn against the abuse of white meat. Scientists from the University of Oxford (UK) argue that chicken and Turkey meat can cause the development of cancer. Such conclusions are made after analyzing data on 475 thousands of British, which were followed for eight years.

Ученые обнаружили смертельную опасность употребления белого мяса

The studies involved people from 37 to 73 years. Originally none of them had cancer. The researchers took into account health status, diet, comorbidities, social status, lifestyle volunteers.

By the end of the research, about 23 thousand people were diagnosed with cancer. Scientists believe that found a link between eating chicken and Turkey and the emergence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, prostate cancer and melanoma.

What meat is? Red, as confirmed by research, causes bowel cancer. Also his use of threatening heart attack, because it has a lot of cholesterol. Beef can cause a prion disease (a brain disease). According to experts, a little all you can eat, it is important to diversify the diet. Also do not forget about the rabbit meat, fish.

In turn, American scientists from the University of North Carolina urge… not to wash chicken before heat treatment. According to experts, it will help to protect yourself from infection by Salmonella, E. coli and other bacteria.

During washing of meat the bacteria with the spray of the water spread across the kitchen, landing on the countertop, table, kitchen utensils and other products, experts say.

The experiment involved 300 volunteers. They prepared a salad and chicken dish (the meat was contaminated with E. coli). The first group of volunteers soap meat and the other doesn’t. All cut up a chicken on a separate table and during cooking wash your hands.

As it turned out, 26 percent of those who wash raw meat before cooking, E. coli got into the salad. Experts recommend to cook the meat after the rest of the dishes. And before you touch anything after touching the meat, I advise you to wash your hands with soap under running water at least 20 seconds, preferably with soap and water.