Scientists have found, can I mix vodka with beer

Oddly enough, the difference between man and monkey is in relation to alcohol. Only man has the craving to abuse of alcohol and the next day nursing a hangover.

Ученые выяснили, можно ли смешивать водку с пивом

One of the reasons heavy hangover has always been considered the so-called cocktail “ruff”: vodka with beer. To avoid trouble in the morning, we always try to take higher degrees, to eat and not to mix these two drinks. But is it justified, decided to find out British experts.

For this, they have collected several groups of subjects, each of which had to drink a variety of alcohol in different order and different proportions. The researchers with the help of special instruments measured the well-being of the volunteers and all fixed. The results of the experiment were able to dispel the myth.

According to him, if you drink beer first, but somewhere in an hour go to vodka, or wine is not a hangover. In fact, the sequence generally does not affect the mood, the drinks are still mixed in the stomach and cause corresponding symptoms in the morning. This applies to any alcoholic combinations with different degrees. What to drink all at the same time, that stretch for the whole evening – the result will be the same.

And that’s what really allows you to avoid a hangover – so it’s the amount of alcohol consumed. The less you drink, the better you will feel. Not that it was some discovery, in any case, each itself sets a limit. What do you think about the blending of spirits are you?