Scientists have found the easiest way to combat global warming

Researchers believe that an effective measure to counter global warming could be the reduction of meat in the human diet

Ученые нашли самый простой способ борьбы с глобальным потеплением

Scientists conducted a study and found that the reduction of meat in the diet in school and University canteens can reduce the amount of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is stated in the study, published in PNAS.

Scientists from Cambridge University say that the livestock subsector accounts for about 15% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

They conducted a study, analyzing 94,000 power options, and found that increasing the number of vegetarian meals from one of the four to two of the four share the acquired plant food is increased by 40-80%.

“The transition to a diet based on plant foods, is one of the most effective ways to reduce the impact of food on the environment,” says ecoactivity Emma Garnett.