Scientists have found the possible cause of the deaths due to electronic cigarettes now vapy want to ban in the US

The researchers suggest that we are dealing with a new form of lipoid pneumonia.

Ученые нашли возможную причину смертей из-за электронных сигарет: теперь вейпы хотят запретить в США

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In the United States for the sixth person was killed by a mysterious disease of the lungs caused by vaping.

The death of six people in the United States caused by Smoking electronic cigarettes, can be associated with the presence of lung macrophages. These are the cells that help protect the immune system, capturing and digesting dangerous viruses and bacteria.

This is stated in the study medical journal “New England Journal of Medicine”, writes TSN.

Scientists from the University of Utah, examining all six cases of deaths due to vaping, found in the lungs of the dead a large number of lipid macrophages or macrophages containing fat particles. Macrophages loaded with lipids, have very unusual and distinctive appearance, said the pulmonologist and the study’s lead author Scott Aberegg.

The presence of lipid-Laden macrophages in the human lung is also used for the diagnosis of lipoid pneumonia, a rare type of pneumonia caused by inhaling these fat particles. Lipoid pneumonia is marked by symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough and chest pain, reported by persons who visited the hospital with lung-related diseases vaping.

Scott Aberegg says that lipoid pneumonia is usually caused by accidental inhalation of liquid into the lungs, as a rule, laxatives oil-based. He suggested that in the case of vaping, we are dealing with a new form of lipoid pneumonia.

Such a diagnosis, says Aberegg, “would be the dominant theory,” which most physicians — pulmonary disease smokers vaping associated with the inhalation of acetate of vitamin E (substances used black dealers for the production of oils for vaping).

Ученые нашли возможную причину смертей из-за электронных сигарет: теперь вейпы хотят запретить в США

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Against the background of continuing in the United States a series of diseases among smokers, the administration of President Donald trump promised to ban all e-cigarettes with additives and flavours, including the popular mix with menthol or fruit flavors. They are especially popular with American students, which is one of the largest groups of consumers of wapow.

The decision trump could affect his wife, says Meduza.

“The administration, trump said that we intend to clear the market of flavored electronic cigarettes to reverse causing deep concern about the epidemic of their use by young people,” — said in published on 11 September the head of the Department of health and human services Alex Azar. The limitation will apply even such popular flavors like mint and menthol. Exceptions are made only for tobacco blends.

The details of the plan for regulation of wapow and their licensing under the new rules, the Office of the food and drug administration (FDA) will publish in the near future, says the statement. The restrictions will affect most of the market: for example, Juul, the largest American manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, flavored mixture accounts for 85% of sales, writes The New York Times.

Previously, the FDA already investigating this company that she intentionally engages adolescents in Smoking wapow. Now the pressure has intensified: the ninth of September, the accused Juul that the company is in violation of the law advertise their products as a safer replacement for cigarettes. VAPI smoke five million underage Americans-mostly high school students, said the NYT, citing data from the Ministry of health. During the year their number increased by 20%. Most students love the flavors with mint flavor, fruit and candy, according to the materials of the American Ministry of health.

The decision to ban flavored wapi could affect the President’s wife Melania trump, who attended his recent meeting with President Hazard and FDA ned Sharpless, the newspaper said. “She has a son, — quotes the NYT trump’s words about their teenage son, Barron trump — It is very much about all this.”

She Melania trump time to devote to the problem a series of tweets. “The data indicate a high level of consumption of flavored electronic cigarettes among our youth. As parents, we are responsible for the risks associated with vaping. Our administration supports the removal of flavored electronic cigarettes from stores as long as they are not FDA approved,” — said in her last message.

The administration’s decision to trump even endorsed consumers of electronic cigarettes, Reuters reports, interviewed new York vapers. Not to argue against the hard measures and in Juul: “We fully agree with the necessity to take resolute measures against scented products across this category,” said the NYT company representative.

“We can’t let people get sick. And we can’t let that affect our children”, — the newspaper quoted the trump.