Scientists have identified the most lifeless place on Earth

Scientists from the University of Paris-South in the study proved the impossibility of the existence of any bacteria in the Dallol depression in Ethiopia.

Ученые определили самое безжизненное место на Земле

Experts note that the presence of water on the planet’s surface, usually used as a criterion for determining the possible habitability.

“However, the study confirms that even on the Earth is barren of all life place, despite the presence of water” — quoted scientists in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

As noted in the study, the water in the lakes of this volcanic valley is very salty and rich in magnesium, therefore its temperature reaches 108 degrees Celsius. According to scientists, a living cell cannot exist in such conditions.

However, the team was able to find life near the valley is made up of mostly single-celled archaea.