Scientists have named a powerful antitumor agent

Ученые назвали мощное противоопухолевое средство

Scientists from the China medical University in Taiwan reported that the usual cabbage and its “relatives” contains organic compound, which manifests itself as a potent antitumor agent.

Scientists said that the ordinary cabbage and cauliflower and broccoli have significant potential to fight cancer tumors.

The attention of specialists, in particular, was attracted by a ingredient of cabbage as sulforaphane (SFN). Is an organic compound found in cruciferous vegetables, which include various types of cabbage. According to researchers, sulforaphane has the potential to become new anti-cancer agent.

“Sulforaphane induces changes in the morphology of cancer cells and reduces their viability. For example, inhibits the activity of dangerous cells such as HCT 116. These morphological changes were recorded using phase-contrast microscope,” — said the Chinese experts.

These data indicate that the substance found in cabbage, can show the drug effect on cancer cells of the colon, which perish under its influence.