Scientists have named the cause of the mysterious deaths of vaping

Experts say that Smoking vaping is deadly dangerous.

Scientists believe that Smoking vaping is deadly dangerous. Only in the United States from the mysterious illness caused by regular Smoking, died six people.

Ученые назвали причину таинственных смертей от вейпа

Experts have found the preliminary cause of the mysterious illness and death – they can be associated with the presence of lung macrophages. It is these cells that protect the immune system of the person, distinguishing between “bad” and “good” bacteria, and destroy dangerous viruses, according to a study the medical journal New England Journal of Medicine.

Scientists from the University of Utah, examining all six cases of deaths from vaping, found in the lungs of the dead a large number of lipid macrophages or macrophages containing fat particles.

It is noteworthy that the presence of lipid macrophages in the human lung is also used for the diagnosis of lipoid pneumonia, a rare type of lung disease caused by inhalation of these fat particles.

Lipoid pneumonia usually results from accidental inhaling fluid into the lungs, usually by taking laxatives oil-based. Usually on x-rays it is a “puddle” of fluid with inflammation around it.