Scientists have recorded the rise of magma under Yellowstone volcano

The plume starts below Lower California.

Ученые зафиксировали подъем магмы под Йеллоустонским вулканом

Under Yellowstone volcano noticed the movement of the mantle© Science Alert

Scientists from the U.S. and Germany using computer simulation revealed the processes that occur under the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO. As reported by EurekAlert!, researchers have confirmed that under the volcano is an extensive mantle plume.

According to scientists, the plume starts below Lower California (state of Mexico), at a distance of hundreds of thousands of kilometers from the volcano. Researchers have previously suggested the possibility of the existence of such a plume, but the evidence for this was not.

In the lower layers of the Earth’s mantle of molten rock slowly moved to the southwest relative to the surface. In the upper part there is a thread that moved to the northeast, from Lower California to Yellowstone.