Scientists have shown that light smokers can fully recover, but under one condition

Your lungs have a nearly magical ability to cure carcinogenic mutations caused by Smoking, said scientists. But only if you quit Smoking, BBC reports.

Ученые доказали, что легкие курильщиков могут полностью восстановиться, но при одном условии

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Mutation leading to lung cancer, was considered permanent, remaining there forever, even in former smokers, not prityagivayutsya more cigarettes.

However, unexpected results of a study published in the journal Nature, suggests that the few cells that remained intact, able to recover the lungs.

This effect was observed even in patients vucurevich a pack of cigarettes a day for 40 years before quitting.

Chemical elements contained in tobacco, destroy the DNA of the lung cells, which eventually mutates, slowly turning them from healthy carcinogenic.

Studies have shown that this occurs in the lungs of the smoker before the cancer.

Most of the cells taken from the Airways of smokers, mutated under the influence of tobacco. These cells contain up to 10 thousand genetic changes.

“It’s like a time bomb, waiting for the next blow to cause cancer,” says Dr. Kate Gowers, a researcher at University College London (UCL).

But a small portion of the cells remains intact.

It is unclear how these cells avoid genetic mutations associated with Smoking. The researchers say that they seem to “exist in a nuclear bunker”.

But when a smoker give up Smoking, these cells begin to grow and replace damaged cells in the lungs.

Have to abandon Smoking by up to 40% of the cells in the lungs may look exactly the same as in people who never smoked.

“We were totally unprepared for this discovery,” admitted Bi-bi-si, researcher at the Sanger Institute Peter Campbell.

“There are a certain number of cells that somehow magically restore the airway,” he says.

“A great example is patients who quit after 40 years of Smoking, and they began the regeneration of cells which were not damaged by tobacco,” — says the scientist.

A good reason to leave

Scientists have yet to understand the extent to which the lungs ex-smokers are able to recover.

The study focused on major Airways and studied, in particular, the alveoli — microscopic lung structures involved in the process of consumption of body oxygen.

In the UK are diagnosed each year about 47 thousand of cancer of the lung. Almost three-quarters of them related to Smoking.

In Russia, according to the National center of medical radiology, Ministry of health, revealed more than 62 thousand cases of diseases. Dying of lung cancer in Russia about 50 thousand people a year.

However, according to studies, people who quit Smoking since no tobacco day may reduce the risk of developing lung cancer.

Previously this was associated simply with the fact that quitters further cell mutation does not occur.

“This idea really motivates: people who quit Smoking, get a double benefit — they prevent further destruction of lung cells and give their light a chance to reduce the damage already done with a more healthy cells,” says Dr. Rachel Arritt, expert of the British organization Cancer Research UK.

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