Scientists strictly forbidden to drink alcohol: “broken DNA”

Scientists reported the news that was going to stop drinking alcohol forever

Specialists conducted a series of studies and made a statement about the harm of alcohol on the human body.

Ученые категорически запретили пить алкоголь: «нарушается ДНК»

Scientists Rutgers and Yale universities say the body of a man who regularly consume alcohol, undergoes tremendous impact. The experiment involved people who have long abused alcoholic drinks.

In the process of studies in “alcohol dependent” were found to be in breach of the structure of DNA, namely the two genes. The first of which is responsible for the biological clock, and the second for stress.

According to the researchers, when a person is sober, the activity of these processes sharply falls, but only stands to drink alcohol, as there is a sharp increase. This phenomenon is a major factor in the occurrence of severe forms of dependence.

“After some investigation, we found that people who abuse alcoholic drinks, her habit is able to disturb the structure of your DNA. Besides the obvious violation of protein synthesis in the body, it was also found that such violations make alcoholics each time to increase the dose of consumed substance,” — commented on the outcome of the Yale and Rutgers University Professor Dipak Sarkar.

Experts claim, this study should help people understand what alcohol addiction is and how it affects the body. This will give physicians the opportunity to chart a surer path to healing patients.