Scientists tell whether there is a sense in the fickle sports

The study showed that the weight you gained during the break in sport, is often more difficult to lose when you start again

Ученые рассказывают, есть ли смысл в непостоянных занятиях спортом

Sporadic exercise is beneficial for health. This tells jolene Bush on a Medium, which writes about health and beauty.

Studies over the last few years have shown that people who are only on the weekends, can compensate for a week of his “laziness”.

If you decide to exercise at the weekend and will carry this volume of exercises would be planned for three days a week, you get the same health benefits, “says Linda Pescatello, Ph. D., Professor of kinesiology at the University of Connecticut.

The body is changing rapidly with exercise. For several weeks, the endurance of the cardiovascular system improves.

Sports becomes easier as the body begins to better regulate your breathing, says physiologist Melissa Morris.

According to her, people can lose some weight and build muscle for four to six weeks.

From sports there are also short-term benefits.

For example, after brisk walking reduces blood pressure and may remain at the same level throughout the day. But as soon as the person ceases to exercise, changes can disappear just as quickly.

This occurs one to four weeks after cessation of training, depending on the level of physical preparation.

For example, the endurance of the cardiorespiratory system will be reduced after three to four weeks. In order to lose all muscular form, it can take up to 12 months.

What happens to the body when the irregular classes?

The good news is that the previous activity facilitate the coming to normal.

More difficult for those who are involved in sports in order to lose weight.

The study showed that the weight you gained during the break in sport, is often more difficult to lose when you start again. This is partly due to eating habits that do not change after the termination of training.

Most people usually eat the amount of calories that they burned during exercise, says Morris.

Therefore, if you cease to exercise, but don’t change the diet, you will quickly gain weight.

However, in any case, the benefits from the irregular practice transcends any negative consequences.

Of course, they do not compare with the systematic exercises, but body happen quickly, even if physical activity is low or irregular.

So if you don’t have time to exercise schedule, walking and 10 minutes of exercises still will help you to be in better shape.