Scientists: the number of people infected with coronavirus in Los Angeles can be 55 times higher than the official figures

An outbreak of coronavirus in the County of Los Angeles, presumably covered at least 200, 000 people in the beginning of April, which is ten times the number of officially confirmed cases, says Fox News.

Ученые: число зараженных коронавирусом в Лос-Анджелесе может быть в 55 раз выше официальных цифр

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A large-scale study conducted by the University of southern California and Department of health County of Los Angeles, showed that 4.1% of the adult population of the County has antibodies to the virus in the blood, which is a measure of the impact of the virus on the body of these people in the past.

According to the study, given that the district is home from 221 000 to 442 000 adults, it means that the population of this part of the state was previously infected.

“We didn’t know the true extent of infection COVID-19 in our community, because we only tested people with symptoms, and the availability of tests was limited,’ said lead researcher niraj SOUD, Professor of public policy at USC Price. Assessment also suggest that we may have to revise forecasting models of disease and public health strategies”.

According to the researchers, the results were obtained by testing for antibodies of about 863 people from the County of Los Angeles.

The estimated number of cases of infection in 28-55 times higher than 7994 confirmed cases COVID-19, which the County reported during the study in early April.

The Director of the Department of public health County of Los Angeles Barbara Ferrer said that the results of much of the population was infected with this virus without knowing it, and “is at risk of transmitting the virus to others.”

Because of the greater number of cases this also means that the mortality rate from the virus is much lower than originally anticipated.

“Although the results indicate a lower risk of death among people with infection than previously anticipated, the number of deaths related COVID-19, every day continues to grow, stressing the need for continued vigorous efforts to prevent and control,” said Paul Simon, chief researcher of the Department of public health County of Los Angeles and a leading researcher.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, as of the morning of April 21 in the district was confirmed by no less than 615 of deaths from the coronavirus.

The researchers intend to repeat the study every few weeks for several months to track the spread of the virus.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • In April, researchers from Stanford University have tested 3330 adults and children in the County of Santa Clara, who were recruited through advertising on Facebook, for the presence of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, and found that the prevalence of COVID-19 among the population in Santa Clara ranged from 2.49% to 4.16%. This means that the number of cases of coronavirus in only one district may 85 times higher than previous figures.
  • Also on 20 April, the information appeared that the new York state begins to conduct mass screening of the residents for antibodies to the coronavirus.


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