Scientists told where to escape from a zombie Apocalypse and pandemic

Scientists Matt Boyd and Nick Wilson believe that there are only three States that are suitable for the role of “refuge from the global epidemic”

Ученые рассказали, где спастись от зомби апокалипсиса и пандемии

Scientists from New Zealand, Matt Boyd and Nick Wilson have conducted studies and found that a refuge from the global pandemic (in their opinion, it is the most realistic scenario of the “world Apocalypse”) can serve as three countries — New Zealand, Australia and Iceland. The study was published in the journal Risk Analysis.

They believe that the cause of the pandemic can be scientific discoveries in the field of biotechnology: “the pathogen can easily overcome the land border, so an island could maintain a technologically advanced population that could repopulate the Earth after disaster.”

The researchers examined the 20 island countries without land borders with a population of over 250,000 people. Also take into account the availability of natural resources and socio-political characteristics of States. Such countries were ranked on a scale of zero (unsuitable for survival in a pandemic) to one (fit).

Researchers have identified three States, in their opinion, suitable for the survival of Australia (0,71), New Zealand (0,68) and Iceland (0,64).

“It is a country with a high GDP, self-sufficient in food production and energy production and is also quite remote from other States,” concluded the researchers.

The rest of the state received less than 0.5.

“Some of the island countries lacked resources, including energy, as well as social capital and political stability for effective interaction of people after a disaster”, say the researchers.

Boyd and Wilson are going to conduct further research, which also will take into account the impact of climate change on potential “safe haven”.

In the comments to that research was published in the online journals of scientific news users sneer — “now I know where to go, if there’s a zombie Apocalypse”.