Scientists: vaccine COVID-19 showed effectiveness, but using it will not start soon

Sara Gilbert, a leading scholar at Oxford University working on a potential vaccine against COVID-19, said on 1 July that in the process of testing in humans, the vaccine caused a proper immune response, but refused to give the exact time of readiness of the product for use. About it writes Reuters.

Ученые: вакцина от COVID-19 показала эффективность, но использовать ее начнут не скоро

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Speaking at the parliamentary hearings, Sara Gilbert, Professor of vaccinology at the University, said that 8,000 volunteers were enrolled in the third phase of the vaccine trials AZD1222, which was licensed from AstraZeneca.

“We are very pleased to see proper immune response, providing protection, not wrong,” said Gilbert.

The project began the third phase of human trials, to evaluate how the vaccine works with a large number of people over the age of 18, and how effective the drug to prevent infection of people and development they COVID-19.

The race for the development of an effective vaccine against COVID-19 continues with fears that the pandemic could worsen by the end of the year when the Northern hemisphere comes the winter season.

Kate Bingham, Chairman of the Task force on vaccines under the government of great Britain, said he hoped for a breakthrough by early 2021.

Gilbert also expressed the hope that the Oxford vaccine will make progress sooner, but did not specify on what terms the speech. She stated that this would depend on test results.

John bell, Professor of medicine at Oxford University, said that Britain must prepare for the fact that in winter the vaccine will not, and encourage people to be vaccinated against the flu, to avoid overflow hospitals.

“This whole epidemic depends too much on assumptions that were incorrect, he said. — So my main advice: be prepared for the worst”.


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