Scientists warn about the danger of narcissism

Narcissus is a beautiful flowering plant, which, of course, charming in itself. This flower gave its name to the concept of “narcissism” (complete satisfaction from idealizing self-image). Daffodils are very highly valued, especially in terms of appearance and mental abilities. But are they really as good as you think you are?

Ученые предупреждают об опасности нарциссизма

To be confident is a great quality. Man, staunch in his positions, as a rule, extends this confidence in his own environment, with such a man work goes, things are solved much easier. However, overconfidence leads to absurd and even dangerous situations. Scientists from the University of Waterloo examined the Association between narcissism, impulsivity, and cognitive reflection.

There are two main types of narcissism:

· pompous – people feel endowed with qualities that far surpass those properties of other people;

· vulnerable man have low self esteem, feels the need to defend yourself and justify your position.

In the first phase of the study 100 participants from the United States had to pass a test of cognitive reflection (IQ), during which we also measured the degree of reflection, the ability to manage their own educational system, training and intuitive thinking. During the second phase, the researchers studied the impact of overconfidence in cognitive abilities and found that both types of narcissism may be associated with a poor ability to objective perception of themselves.

Daffodils are confident that their critical thinking skills supersede all the rest, however, scientists have proven that this is not so. Evan Risko, the author, explains: “Through this study we can learn more about the different factors related to critical thinking and decision-making. The better we understand things that can make people make wrong decisions, the more we can help them to avoid dangerous delusions.”

Narcissists are convinced of their own infallibility and do not see their own shortcomings. This leads to wrong decisions. Pompous narcissists generally don’t use the important strategies of reflective thinking that enable you to develop the ability to self-education. But the worst thing is that they are not able to neither see nor appreciate it. Unfortunately, a large part of the Narcissus is unaware of their own narcissism.