Scientists: weekly sex can help fight diseases

This is useful for our mental and physical health. Sex helps to recover the brain, lowers blood pressure, enhances sleep and the immune system.

Sex is the most discussed topic in our society, but people often do not have enough information about what happens to our body during sexual intimacy, writes Scientists say that a weekly sex can help in the fight against the disease. It lowers heart rate and blood pressure, protects against infections, reduces stress, helps to establish sleep and allows the brain to shut off, to cope with the overload.

Ученые: еженедельный секс может помочь в борьбе с болезнями

“Information about sexual life can make us healthier and happier and will help you save money. People who have difficulty with sex, much more likely to face other problems”, – says obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Leyla Frodsham.

A study conducted by researchers in 2013 showed that healthy young heterosexual couples in moderately vigorous sex burned about 85 calories. A study published in the British medical journal, showed that sex helps to protect the health of men. So, men who had frequent orgasms had a 50% lower risk of dying over the next 10 years. Sex increases the heart rate. But, experts say, if you’re able to go two flights of stairs without chest pain, probably, sex is not threatening your life and health.

The key to many benefits of sex is the love hormone – oxytocin, which is also sometimes called the hormone of arms. Oxytocin is released by any touch, for example, when people are having sex or simply showing concern and friendliness.

A large study of 34,000 men and women, published in the British medical journal shows that modern humans have less sex than 10 years ago. Half of women and two thirds of men told researchers that they would like to have sex more often. Doctors urge people to plan sex, but many couples believe that it is unnatural. However, sometimes you need to have certain things in the habit, after which they can be spontaneous.

Doctors accused of sexual activity reduction in our occupied life. We return home and continue to work, to shop, to reply to messages in social networks… Everything except good old-fashioned conversations. But this is exactly what creates real intimacy!