Scientists were in shock, making the DNA analysis of Egyptian mummies 100

German scientists from the max Planck Institute (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History) and the University of tübingen (University of Tuebingen) have reconstructed the genome of 90 Egyptian mummies, age from 3500 to 1500 years. Analyzed him. And came to the conclusion that the ancient Egyptians were not Africans.

Ученые были в шоке, сделав анализ ДНК 100 египетских мумий

Some of them were Turks, others with immigrants from southern Europe and from places which are now Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia and Abkhazia.

One of the mummies, which analyzed the genome of the Germans.

At the University of tübingen are looking for, how to extract DNA in the hands of a researcher the jaw of an ancient Egyptian.

Earlier similar studies conducted by biologists from the genealogy centre, iGENEA, located in Zurich. They analyzed the genetic material recovered from just one mummy. But the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. His DNA is extracted from bone tissue — specifically from the left shoulder and left leg.

Experts iGENEA compared the genome of the boy Pharaoh and the modern Europeans. And found: many of them relatives of Tutankhamun. On average, half of European men — “Tutankhamon”. And in some countries their share reaches 60 to 70 per cent — as, for example, in the UK, Spain and France.

DNA was compared in the so-called haplogroups — a characteristic set of DNA fragments that are passed down from generation remained almost unchanged. Relatives of the Pharaoh “gave” common haplogroup called R1b1a2.

Scientists emphasize: Tutanhamona R1b1a2, which is so common among men, very rare in modern Egyptians. The media does not exceed one percent.

— But isn’t it interesting that Tutankhamun genetic European — surprised Roman Scholz (Roman Scholz), Director of the iGENEA centre.

Genetic research of the Swiss and the Germans once again confirmed: the modern Egyptians, in their General mass, it is not the degraded descendants of the pharaohs. They just do not have with him — its ancient rulers almost nothing in common. To some extent, explains the features of Egyptian society.