Scissor mouth: in new York police sold a sandwich with the blade inside

According to police, their colleague from new York has discovered a terrible surprise when eating the sandwich. He cut himself with a blade hidden inside a sandwich.

Изрезал рот: в Нью-Йорке полицейскому продали сэндвич с лезвием внутри

Photo: Twitter/Commissioner Shea@NYPDShea

56-year-old police officer who has served in bodies of 24 years, received a cut mouth, when I started there threat sandwich from Bon Appetit Speciality Food Store in the Rockaways at about 16:30 on Thursday, 5 December.

A source in the police said that the officer serving in the critical response Team of the Bureau for the fight against terrorism, decided to bite far from one of the police departments in new York.

“Thank God he didn’t swallow this blade. But could get serious, life-threatening injuries,” the source said.

Officer was sent to University medical center Nassau for treatment.

Now the NYPD is investigating how the blade got into the food, whether it was a deliberate action against the officer. My order was he doing in civilian clothes, but they drove to the store at a marked police car.

“It clearly can be identified as a police officer,” said the source.

The police Commissioner Dermot Shea has posted on Twitter a photo of the blade and sandwich together with a sharp commentary.

“Again: the NYPD has zero tolerance for acts of violence against our employees, — he wrote. Sandwich bought in a store in Queens on Thursday, contained a razor blade that cut the mouth of a COP @NYPDCT. He’s fine, but this heinous act is being investigated in full swing”.

Изрезал рот: в Нью-Йорке полицейскому продали сэндвич с лезвием внутри

Photo: screenshot of twitter

The source said that since the blades were also removed DNA evidence.

The restaurant where the incident occurred, issued a statement of apology.

“In our experience, the staff of the new York police Department 100-th and 101-th electoral districts have become an example of professionalism and service to the communities in Roseace, Queens and new York as a whole. If given the opportunity, the leadership of Bon Appetit would like to personally apologize to this officer and other local police”, — reads the statement of the institution.

The Department of agriculture and markets new York state has promised to investigate the incident.