Scotland Yard acknowledged that the chemical attack in Salisbury two policemen were injured (PHOTO)


Скотленд-Ярд признал, что при химатаке в Солсбери пострадали двое полицейских (ФОТО)

Scotland Yard said that the attack in Salisbury with use of military nerve agents of the family “Rookie” poisoning received four people, including two guards. Previously reported only about one affected the police. The findings of the investigation leads the TV channel Sky News.

“Investigators counter-terrorism unit, who are investigating the attack with the use of “Newbie” in Salisbury, confirmed that traces of nerve toxin has been found in the blood sample, which was then taken from a second police officer, – have informed in police. Police officer Wiltshire who does not wish to be identified, was involved in the response to the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal. The symptoms [of poisoning] was manifested to him in the time of the incident (in particular, skin irritation), they pointed to the effects of a very small number of “Newbie”. Then the officer received appropriate medical treatment and soon returned to his duties”.

Scotland Yard said that the policeman “is the fourth person through the forensic medical examination found the victim of the original attack in Salisbury”, reports TASS. “Higher exposure levels “Novice”, which affected Skrypali and detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, has led to the fact that they were in critical or serious condition”, – added in service of the Metropolitan police.

4 March 2018 former Colonel of the GRU (Main intelligence Directorate, now Chief of the General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation) Sergei Skripal, previously convicted in Russia for espionage, and his daughter Julia found on a bench near the shopping centre in British Salisbury with signs of poisoning. Father and daughter a long time spent in a coma. Medical examination showed exposure to nerve agents of the family “Rookie”. According to the UK, it was made in Russia. Prime Minister Theresa may has formally accused Moscow of involvement in the chemical attack.

In the attack on Skrobala British authorities suspect the Russians, Aleksander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. In a hotel room where these “Russian tourists”, had traces of a “Newbie”. The Insider and Bellingcat found that their real names are Alexander and Anatoly Mishkin Chapiha and they work in the Main Directorate of the General staff of the armed forces (former GRU). Then the media reported on the third party poisoning – the GRU officer Denis Sergeev, who acted under the assumed name of Sergei Fedotov.

18 Feb 2019, it was reported that Sergei Skripal deteriorated state of health, taking care of him doctors. They fear that a former intelligence officer is unlikely to ever fully recover from the effects of chemical attack that affects the nervous system.

Also victims of “Beginner” were the British don Sturges and her companion Charles Rowley, in July of 2018 found a perfume bottle with nerve substance, which Petrov and Bashirov, presumably, tossed in the donation box, confusing it with the dumpster. Sturges died, and Rowley has survived. Officials did not rule out that the danger is not completely passed, because attackers could have somewhere to leave and another container of poison.

Sergeev-Fedotov, according to media reports, in April 2015, poisoned Novice in the Bulgarian businessman of Hebrew, but he was still alive.

In the Kremlin all accusations of Russia’s involvement in gimatecan using “Newbie” deny. Furthermore, Moscow insists that has never been engaged in the development of such poisons. And if I did, it still destroyed all its chemical weapons in accordance with international agreements. About the total destruction of chemical weapons arsenals of Russia reported in September 2017.

Meanwhile chemist Vladimir Uglev confirmed that “Newbie” was developed by Moscow under the control of the security services in secret since the Soviet times. He also recognized the version of the use of this substance in Salisbury plausible.

Chemical attack in Salisbury resulted in a loud diplomatic scandal, in which after the UK joined several other countries. Against Moscow were adopted by the diplomatic, and then other sanctions.

Thus, the United States entered the first package of sanctions for poisoning Skrobala 27 August 2018 under the U.S. control Act chemical and biological weapons and prohibiting its use from 1991. The package was relatively mild – the prohibition of the export to Russia products of military and dual-purpose (but with some exceptions), prohibition of procurement of arms from Russia.

In the sanctions law it was provided that, if within three months the offender does not fulfill the requirements of the United States (the guaranteed cessation of the use of chemical weapons with a permit international inspections), the President after consultation with Congress must impose additional sanctions.

2 Aug 2019 Washington imposed a second package of sanctions. It is talking about “impeding the process of granting loans, financial or technical assistance from international financial institutions.”

Also in the US considering options for stronger pressure on Russia. They include the downgrading of bilateral diplomatic relations or even the suspension, in fact the complete prohibition of any exports to Russia of American products with the exception of food, and imports United States Russian goods, including oil and oil products, denial of landing rights to U.S. aircraft for any airline, which is controlled by the Russian government, blocking Washington loans Moscow by international financial organizations.

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