Scrabble censorship now!

Scrabble censorship, now!


Censorship! This is the key word of our time. We have just had proof of this in the most unexpected field possible: Scrabble!

Certain words will now be censored there, Le Figaro recently told us.

< p>Why ? In the name of inclusion and to no longer offend certain “minorities”. 400 words will thus be removed from the Anglo-Saxon edition. But the censors are zealous! They also ban the word “Jesuitical”! 


This censorship is causing a mixture of anger and mockery among fans of the game.< /p>

With anger, because this logic of eradicating words to please the whims of those who claim to speak in the name of “minorities” stems from an Orwellian mentality. Remember, in 1984, George Orwell's classic, power takes pride in crossing out vocabulary words. Because the fewer words there are in circulation, the more the mental space of each other will be reduced. 

Mockery, then: because you have to be very stupid to banish words like s' it was about blasphemies, in general, and to banish the word Jesuit, in particular. 

This delirium is not unrelated to the English-Canadian controversy around the book Nègres blanc d'Amérique, by Pierre Vallières, which only gets worse. 

As we know, in recent days, in a CBC report, the cover of the book was presented with the word nigger crossed out, as if the mere sight of it could traumatize some viewers.

We now come to certain words with an archaic religious mentality: whoever utters them believes to provoke the wrath of the gods. 

In a sense, this is true, because the anger of “minorities”, or more particularly of those who claim to speak on their behalf, is now interpreted as divine anger.

The media treats it like a sacred anger, before which we must bow.

Conversely, we invent words. Like the pronoun iel, which it becomes mandatory to pronounce in the name of respect for diversity. Whoever does not will experience a media lynching. 

Let us keep in mind the fate of J.K. Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter universe. 

For having recalled that it is not enough for a man to feel like a woman for him to become one, she is the target of a permanent defamation campaign. For recalling that we do not say “person with a uterus”, but woman, we curse her. 


When came time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first film in the series last fall, we parted ways with it. 

And recently, Emma Watson, the famous actress, said she agreed to play in an upcoming movie in the series if J.K. Rowling isn't associated with it. In other words, she was expelled from her work! 

Fanaticism is becoming normalized and anyone who opposes it is called a “phobe” – and there are many invented phobias. < /p>

To sum up: language has become a battleground for the imagination of our societies. An increasingly symbolically violent battle. 

Scrabble censorship , now!