Seafood prolong life – American scientists

During the experiment, scientists from the U.S. found that the prolongation of life is influenced by seafood. Their important components strengthen the immune system and positively affect health.

Морепродукты продлевают жизнь – американские ученые

A group of academics from Harvard, together with his colleagues from the United States conducted a thorough investigation, the purpose of which was to see which foods have a positive impact on the life time.

The study involved about three thousand volunteers strong sex and the weak. The age of the volunteers was more than 65 years. For 16 years, researchers monitored dairy products participants, as well as their physical health.

Volunteers were divided into two categories. The first group included those who loved and seafood at least once a week they were used. The second category related to those who did not or even these products are not loved.

As a result of the research proved that sea food can prolong life for two years. Also those who regularly used them, much less suffer from cardiovascular diseases. But because scientists are advised not to neglect