Season eurobasketball completed: the Euroleague and the Eurocup would not be resumed

Сезон евробаскетбола завершен: Евролига и Еврокубки возобновлены не будут

The management of Euroleague basketball after a remote meeting decided to terminate the season.

It was also decided to terminate the season of the Eurocup, the second most important European tournament, the official site of Euroleague.

“The health and safety of our athletes, fans, employees, partners and local communities remain our top priority. Distribution COVID-19 does not guarantee that all teams will hold their training camps and prepare for the official games in the same conditions. Local authorities have imposed various restrictions on the movement of its citizens, and there is no guarantee that all teams will be able to fly. An abbreviated schedule of the training sessions, compared to the previously approved three-week low, will increase the risk of injury for players,” the statement said.

In accordance with the “values of sport justice” decided not to admit any one team is the Euroleague champion and the European Cup-2019/20. Changes in the composition of participants, including reducing the number of teams will not be.

Draws the Euroleague and Eurocup were interrupted in March this year due to the spread of coronavirus infection. Earlier it was reported that the Euroleague has considered various options for the resumption of the season.