Second in history: the doctors managed to cure a man from HIV

40-year-old Adam Castillejo became the second man in history who was able to cure HIV. About it writes BBC.

Второй в истории: врачам удалось излечить мужчину от ВИЧ

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According to doctors, from the moment when people stopped taking antiretroviral medications, it’s been 30 months, and traces the re-emergence of the virus in his body is not found.

“Traces of the virus particles, which can penetrate the immune cells and infect them, did not appear in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid, intestines or lymph of the patient for 30 months. We believe that it is now possible to say that the patient was cured of HIV,” the researchers say.

Diagnosis Castillejo was put back in 2003 when he was 23. To cope with HIV helped him transplant of stem cells of the spinal cord, which three years ago the man made the treatment of cancer — another disease that he was diagnosed with.

Donor stem cells are transplanted Castillejo, had a rare genetic mutation that prevents certain types of HIV to infect cells of the immune system.

In 2007, a similar operation will help to cure HIV, American Timothy brown, also known as “the Berlin patient”. Brown is the first man in history who was able to cure HIV.

About the second — possibly successful — the case of the treatment of HIV first began a year ago, however, the patient’s name remained unknown — in the media called it the “London patient.”

At that time the “London patient” and a half years living without drugs, but to do conclusions experts were not in a hurry — not enough time has passed after the operation.

Now, after another year, it became clear that this patient is Adam Castillejo — man decided to reveal the name and told his story.

At the same time, his doctors published his observations in the Lancet, where he stated that Castillejo, in their opinion, can be considered cured of HIV while talking about that the virus will not come back with 100% certainty is still impossible.

Despite the second successful example, when patients can be cured from HIV, to talk about a universal treatment impossible, experts warn.

Operations that moved Timothy brown and Adam Castillejo, are very complex and are only carried out in extreme cases, to the same — for the treatment of cancer, not HIV.

In addition, a very difficult task is the selection of the donor, but even his presence does not guarantee results.

Therefore, experts say, this method cannot be the main treatment for all patients with HIV, but should help in the further search for new methods of combating the virus.

Moreover, the scientists add, quite effectively, and traditional treatment with antiretroviral drugs — especially when it comes to new samples of drugs.

A recent study showed that the life expectancy of people who use the newest HIV drugs are now “almost normal”.