Second time in a week: the United States intercepted two Russian bombers in Alaska

The defense Ministry of Russia reported “planned” flight of bombers, writes “Voice of America”.

Второй раз за неделю: США перехватили две группы российских бомбардировщиков у Аляски

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Us military aircraft intercepted two Russian bombers down, entered the air defence identification zone off the coast of Alaska on Tuesday evening, June 16, that has been the second incident in the last week.

Command aerospace defense North America (NORAD) said Wednesday, June 17 that the first system was composed of two bombers, accompanied by two fighter aircraft equipped with the system airborne early warning and control.

The second system was composed of two Russian bombers, followed by another plane with the system airborne early warning and control. Russian planes approached the coast of Alaska for a distance of 60 kilometers, but remained in international airspace, without violating the sovereign airspace of the United States.

“We are talking about a significant Russian forces in many areas”, – said the representative of the military Department of the USA, commenting on the interceptions.

According to estimates of the United States, some Russian flights are routine training missions. But the intensity of this activity may reflect the fact that Moscow wants to make it clear that it intends to keep up with American flights from the Russian coastal regions, said the Pentagon official.

The Russian defense Ministry announced on Twitter that the bombers “carried out planned 11-hour flight over neutral waters of the Chukchi, Bering, Okhotsk seas and North Pacific ocean.”


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