Second week of the election campaign: the bulletin of our experts

Second week of the election campaign: our experts' newsletter


Every Saturday, our experts take stock of the week of the election campaign that has just ended, and note the good and bad moves of each one.

Natacha Joncas Boudreau

Natacha Joncas Boudreau worked for 10 years in provincial politics where she held various positions, including those of press attaché and chief of staff. She now works at TACT where she supports several organizations in public and government relations.

General observations 

Predominance of CAQ and QS, for better or for worse! We have retained their commitments, but also their blunders. Inelegant skid on immigration for the first, to whom the death of the monarch will have given an unexpected escape and difficult justification on a flagship tax measure for the second. QS seems to be establishing itself as an alternative, but in Quebec, it seems that it is the PCQ that is haunting François Legault. Moreover, no misstep by Éric Duhaime has slowed this momentum. As for the PLQ and the PQ, they were background noise, although Dominique Anglade's campaign was back on track.

Hit of the week 

The CAQ's commitment to the construction of new hydroelectric dams will have had the merit of striking the imagination and proposing a social project, which has been sorely lacking in the speeches of recent years.

The bad move of the week 

Reality test for GND, as its definition of the “ultra-rich” turned out to be very all-encompassing – and populist – even including some families with not-so-high incomes. Forced setback and lost day.

  • François Legault (CAQ): 6/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 13/20 
  • Dominique Anglade (Liberal): 7/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 13/20 
  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (Québec solidaire): 6/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 15/20 
  • Éric Duhaime (Conservative): 8/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 16/20 
  • Paul St-Pierre Plamondon (Parti Québécois) : 7/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 16/20 

Sophie Villeneuve 

Sophie Villeneuve acted as a political advisor in Ottawa and Quebec City for ten years. A partner at Catapulte, Bureau de communication, for 8 years, she specializes in issues management and public affairs strategies. She also runs Article 79, a parliamentary oversight service.

General Comments 

Media eclipse surrounding the death of the queen which comes at the right time for François Legault, who associated immigration with violence, before retracting. These words could prove a lifeline for the Liberal campaign still adrift. Québec solidaire fell into the trap on the left by wishing to attack the “ultra-rich” while the proposed measure rather attacks a thrifty middle class. Éric Duhaime more discreet this week after a calm performance during the first television meeting of the chefs. Constructive campaign and daring proposals from the Parti Québécois which does not receive the attention it deserves.

Good trick of the week 

The predictability that the Coalition Avenir Québec wants to give itself in terms of electricity supply seems to me to be a good calculation, but is the construction of dams the best avenue?

The bad trick of the week 

The total absence of debate about education. While Quebec should experience nothing less than a national recovery in this area, the subject is currently completely evacuated from the campaign.

  • François Legault (CAQ ): 6/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 13/20 
  • Dominique Anglade (Liberal): 6/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 10/20 
  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (Québec solidaire): 7/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 13/20 
  • Éric Duhaime (Conservative): 7/10 – Total after 2 weeks : 14/20 
  • Paul St-Pierre Plamondon (Parti Québécois): 8/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 15/20 

Alexander Boucher 

Having worked for a long time behind the scenes of power, Alexandre Boucher acts as Vice-President Public Affairs at the Cabinet de relations publiques NATIONAL where his practice focuses on the management crisis, issues and image, government relations and spokesperson training.

General observations 

François Legault stumbles again in the immigration file. The day before, his promise to relaunch new electric dams seemed badly put together. The Liberals are pulling themselves together after a difficult week, but Dominique Anglade will have to strike a blow if she wants to move the needles. After a great television interview where he was able to showcase himself, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is reinvigorated. His opposition to the lowering of the flags for the Queen's death, however, lacked elegance. In the tramway file, Éric Duhaime gives a face to expropriations. Clever strategy of offering a political alternative to Anglophones, historically loyal to the Liberals.

Good trick of the week 

The leader of the PQ is taking action where it counts: he speaks to his electoral base in the hope of bringing the separatists back to the fold and crisscrosses the Gaspé Peninsula for a long time, where he can still elect deputies. 

The bad shot of the week

QS staked its credibility on its expert-endorsed climate plan, but GND got bogged down in the series of new taxes that plan represented. The attack on the CAQ was murderous: the “orange taxes”. 

  • François Legault (CAQ): 6.5/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 13.5/20
  • Dominique Anglade (Liberal): 7.5/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 12, 5/20 
  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (Québec solidaire): 6/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 14/20 
  • < li dir="auto">Éric Duhaime (Conservative): 8/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 14/20 

  • Paul St -Pierre Plamondon (Parti Québécois): 8/10 – Total after 2 weeks: 15/20 

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