Secret “Area 51” brought up the military, the police and the FBI to repel the assault of those wishing to see a UFO

К секретной «Зоне 51» подтянули военных, полицию и ФБР для отражения штурма желающих увидеть НЛО

Secret “Area 51” in the U.S. state of Nevada pulled the military, police forces and the FBI. The authorities are going to withstand a possible assault on the military base, which, as I think the UFO may be hidden UFOs and aliens.

In June of this year, a student from California Matty Roberts jokingly published a post urging people to infiltrate “Area 51” and reveal government secrets. Support for this idea unexpectedly expressed more than two million people. Their interest was expressed even Hollywood celebrities — including Keanu Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will Smith and billionaire businessman and inventor Elon Musk. In the end, the most active enthusiasts of the campaign called “Assault on Area 51: they can’t stop us all” agreed to come to the military base at the agreed day. Expected to appear in person to “see a UFO” unable to 40-50 thousand people.

From 16 to 22 September, the authorities closed the airspace over the “Area 51”, the ban also includes drones.

The assault was planned for 20 September, however, a few people tried to break in there early. They have already been arrested.

Those who still dare to cross the border of the secret facility, waiting for a fine of up to $ 2,000. And a spokesman for the US air force Laura of Macandrews said that any attempt to illegally enter a military facility or a landfill life-threatening.

The network even launched a direct broadcast from the future events. But not very informative.

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