Secrets save: 9 things that are better not to buy over the counter

There are products that sell in almost all pharmacies, while much cheaper to buy them in the shops, writes Reader’s Digest.

Секреты экономии: 9 вещей, которые лучше не покупать в аптеке

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  1. Diapers

Among parents who have a young child, this is one of the most frequently purchased items. Therefore, it is important to save money on diapers. In the pharmacy do not work. In 2018, Pocket Your Dollar compared prices on diapers and found that Walgreens puts the price on them is higher than Costco, Target, Amazon and In fact, buying diapers in some stores, not in pharmacies, more profitable.

  1. Milk

Milk is something that ends quickly in any home. You can buy it at the pharmacy with the necessary medicines very convenient. But there it was! According to Consumerist, in 2009, the pharmacy giant CVS sold expired milk and expired eggs and baby food. Although since then the company cares about the freshness of our dairy products, there is no single answer to the question is actually more profitable to buy milk at drugstores than at grocery stores. Milk prices vary across the country, as well as discounts. But if you don’t have time to compare prices, grocery stores are probably your best choice.

  1. Prescription drugs

Yes, this is the most obvious product that you can buy at the pharmacy. But, according to Consumer Reports, it turns out that you can get a prescription and at a lower price in stores such as Costco or Walmart. At the same time, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens receive most of their income and profits from pharmacies. Therefore, prescription drugs is always beneficial to take in large stores.

  1. Vitamins and supplements

They also better not to buy at the pharmacy. Consumer Reports found that vitamins offered in the pharmacy network Rite Aid, contain low-quality additives. It is better to buy vitamins in a large store or retailers that you trust.

  1. Toilet paper

According to the research Institute for efficient management, it is cheaper to buy toilet paper in bulk. And the pharmacy it is more expensive than the big stores.

  1. Sun loungers

Never buy pharmacies sun loungers. They can cost there are cheaper, but their quality and service life will be lower. In the end, still have to buy a new one.

  1. Cosmetics

Cosmetics in Sephora and Ulta are much more expensive than in pharmacies. But you can save money on buying cosmetics, buying it in the bin stores. Recent compare prices from showed that there is mascara on average $ 2 cheaper than in the pharmacies. The only exception is if you are a member of the rewards program from your favorite pharmacy. You can get cashback for buying makeup, and it will be profitable in the long run. For example, with the program Walgreens Beauty Enthusiast you earn $5 for every $50 spent on beauty products and receive exclusive coupons and information about new products.

  1. Charcoal

Barbecue is one of the most important parts of summer, but we should not buy coal in pharmacies at an inflated price. If you are a lover of barbecue, the charcoal you need a lot. To be more reasonable to buy it in bulk elsewhere and save money, save yourself from frequent trips to the store and back.

  1. Frozen foods

Area with a refrigerator in the pharmacy is quite tempting, especially when it’s hot outside. But experts Today say that buying ice cream or frozen food for the next party, it is much cheaper to do this in wholesale stores. But if you’re looking for frozen treats in the summer, you may find that the prices of these pharmacies is higher than in the cold season.