Security check at the airport: 7 new rules for air travelers

If you plan to fly in the foreseeable future, prepare for the new rules, which have to be followed, passing through airport security, says MoneyTalksNews.

Проверка безопасности в аэропорту: 7 новых правил для авиапутешественников

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The transportation security administration (TSA) is making some changes in the verification process, which will be adopted in airports across the country. These changes are a response to a pandemic coronavirus that gripped the country and the world.

You can carry larger quantities of disinfectant for the hands

For a start, you are allowed to pack up to 12 oz (350 ml) disinfectant for hands per passenger in carry-on baggage until further notice that is different from the standard TSA rules for liquids.

“Because these containers exceed the standard tolerance is usually allowed to pass through a checkpoint, they will need to be tested separately. It will add some time to the screening process,” says TSA.

According to the standard rule, all other liquids, gels and aerosols must be no more than 3.4 oz (100 ml) and stored in a transparent bag with a total volume of 1 liquid quart (slightly less than 1 liter).

You will not transfer any of your boarding pass

You won’t be able to transfer your boarding pass or phone open on the screen pass to the TSA agent that was a normal process for many years.

Instead, you will be asked to place the document into the boarding pass reader and then connect it to the TSA agent, so he checked it while you hold it. Thus, agents are less likely to have to touch your boarding passes.

You will be asked to keep your distance

As you might expect, you will be asked to stay away from other people on the recommended distance is 6 feet (about 2 meters).

“Changes include the accounting for passengers to increase the distance between people, when they enter the queue at checkpoints, placing visual reminders on the appropriate interval for checkpoints and the appropriate use of crossing lanes where possible” — say in the TSA.

You can wear a mask during the inspection

In the TSA say you can wear a mask during a security check, but the Agency reserves the right to ask you to withdraw it at any time.

Many airlines now require that passengers wear masks during flights.

You can ask the agent to put on fresh gloves

The passenger can ask the TSA agent to put on a new pair of gloves during inspection.

The Agency also will use new kits for the detection of traces of explosives for every traveler.

You can use outdated and incompatible ID

Any traveler, who on March 1 or later expired driver’s license or ID card issued by the state may continue to use these documents for identification at a checkpoint a year after expiration.

In addition, you now have time until October 1, 2021 to obtain a driver’s license compliant with REAL ID.

You will be asked to put the food separately before testing

In the TSA insist that the passengers had Packed their groceries in a plastic bag and put it in a separate container to check. This change also takes into account the new requirements of social distancing.

The Agency explains:

“The presence in Luggage of food often raise doubts among employees during the verification process; separation of food from hand Luggage reduces the probability that the TSA agent will need to open the bag and take out products for a more thorough examination.”


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