See the new video from the semifinalists of national selection on Eurovision-2019

She rushes along on the desert highway that stretches from Arizona to Nevada. Ahead of Las Vegas, a city of luxury and temptation. The city of broken dreams and million bright lights. Her journey inside herself. Mysterious traveller by the road – meeting with an alter-ego. What he told her? Who is he? That he give it to her?

Смотри новую видеоработу от полуфиналистов Нацотбора на Евровидение-2019

A charismatic stranger, like a figment of the imagination. The dark side of her soul; hidden desires. Lovely Dark Thingsthat will stay just there, in this random Motel that will meet their dim neon and sterile purity washed away the maids stories and dramas.

Slipping into dark…They slip away into the darkness. And speech here not only about the heroes of the new video Braii, but also about the group itself, that each new work helps to fill more fog about his long-awaited debut full-length album. Post-punk austerity first mini-album City of Nothing is replaced by a succession of singles – a completely different style, however, is equally intriguing. Romantic Maybe, clingy, A Girl Who wasn’t There with impressive character and the core, chaotic and cheeky Weirdo.

Finally, hypnotic Slipping. Atmospheric nearly 7-minute road movie sketch in the spirit of WIM Wenders or Jarmusch later time mysterious Thriller “the Limits of control” under the accompaniment of viscous Blues obscurenova. In the current Braii do not already know the group from Ukraine. It’s pure American spirit with the acrid smell of tobacco, Cuban rum and a night of twilight, the refreshing tart flavor of the roadside cacti.

Official web site Braii Oksana Bryzgalova calls the new mini-movie, where the main role divides her Sal Ramazzini – bassist of the band the Gitas. The video was directed by talented newcomer Pavel Fedorov, who previously worked as an operator in tandem with Asya Nikolaeva – author of clips of Happy People and groups Astronata.

Slipping is the fourth and final single from the new album Braii, which was calledLovely Dark Things. Simultaneously with the night/Halloween premiere of the video was available to preorder of the album on all digital platforms and stream. The album is scheduled for 8 November. Publisher – Ukrainian indie label-the Agency’s “plenty of Water”.