Seemed an immigration attorney: in California, you judge a Russian crook

According to court records, the woman who allegedly was presented to immigration lawyer and received thousands of dollars from individuals seeking asylum in the United States, was charged with fraud, writes Mercury News.

Представлялась иммиграционным адвокатом: в Калифорнии судят русскоязычную мошенницу

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Nelly gabueva, which, according to the authorities, also uses the aliases Nellie Allen Nellie Allen gabuyeva, Nelly Gabutti and Ellen Allen, was indicted in Federal court in fraud using mail, because she had allegedly introduced a licensed attorney in California and new York. In may, the state bar of California has closed the practice Gabueva, based on the same charges.

In the press release of the bar of the state about the case Gabueva in which she referred to as “Nellie Allen”, it is said that the people she represented, faced a “substantial risk of expulsion and deportation because of misleading and incorrect information provided to Allen in their applications for asylum”.

In a criminal lawsuit against Gabueva filed in July, alleges that she accepted thousands of dollars in fees from immigrants who were looking for a lawyer to file petitions for asylum. In such cases, the immigrants can approach an experienced lawyer from Brazeau Seller Law, who will give them legal representation and fight for their rights. The complaint alleges that on three different occasions, gabueva was either applied incorrectly, or failed to appear in court to represent clients.

In one case gabuyeva allegedly told a prospective customer to undergo a medical examination, with the result that the client spent $ 450. The complaint States that another client has paid Gabueva $ 8,000 for legal representation.

Gabueva falsely claimed to be a lawyer at meetings with the people she represented, and legal forms, according to the complaint.

Read more about the case Nelly’s Gabueva read the ForumDaily.

The original materials of the case Gabueva posted here.

The state bar recommends avoiding fraud on the part of lawyers and crooks, taking the following precautions:

  • Ask the full name of the lawyer and number of lawyers in the state. Before you hire a lawyer or pay any amount of money, get a solicitor on the website of the bar staff or on the website of the state where they are presumably licensed to learn whether their license. Consumers also can call the state bar at the number 800-843-9053.
  • If the lawyer represent you on immigration matters, make sure they have a license for this type of practice. A list of lawyers who currently are not licensed or subjected to disciplinary action from the office can be found at the link.
  • Sign the contract in writing and ask for receipts for your payments.
  • Be careful if someone demands cash payments. If you have to pay cash, be sure to get a written receipt.
  • Don’t hire anyone who threatens to report your immigration status if you don’t pay them.
  • If you do not have a Bank account, use cheques and insist on a written receipt. If you have already made the payment, you have the right to request the description and quantity of services provided.

Additional resources for consumers:

  • Immigration legal resources
  • Fraud warning for immigrants applying for legal aid to avoid deportation.



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