Selena Gomez gave an impromptu photo shoot with your friends

To participate in photo shoots and hours to pose for photographers 27-year-old Selena Gomez is no stranger, but yesterday, the star decided to stay on the other side of the lens. The singer, who not so long ago, pleased fans of their new hits (which by the way, so much talk!), went for a walk with friends, taking the camera.

Селена Гомес устроила импровизированную фотосессию со своими друзьями

However, still Selena, and she became the heroine of the images, however, only street photographers — they got a star with a camera in hand. Gomez, dressed, we can say, in the summer (she was wearing green leggings, a yellow hoodie sweatshirt and black loafers) — was in a great mood as evidenced by her smiling face, and photographed my friends.

To learn new skills Gomez is no stranger. She acts and sings in the movie, but for a long time tries himself in the fashion industry, and plans to conquer the world of beauty (star launches her own line of cosmetics). Who knows, maybe, and photography from a simple hobby would turn into something more?..