Selena Gomez has deleted photos in the spanx Kim Kardashian after hit critics

Users noticed something strange on Instagram Selena Gomez: the other day she thanked Kim Kardashian for cool slimming underwear Skims, but then the post disappeared, and instead, he had a joint photo with Taylor swift.

Селена Гомес удалила фото в утягивающем белье Ким Кардашьян после обрушившейся критики

28 Oct Selena Gomez posted a photo where you tried shapewear bodysuit Skims. The head of the brand is Kim Kardashian: star has launched a line of spanx this year.

27-year-old singer said that bodi is very convenient. The post in support of the line linens, Kim hung a short time in Instagram Gomez and suddenly disappeared.

Instead, Selena posted a cute picture with his girlfriend Taylor swift. Signature Selena said she is ready to die for it. “I’m on your side until the end,” added Selena.

Interestingly, to remove photos Gomez decided after Twitter began to appear full of bewilderment comments her fans. Many people do not understand why Selena supports the enemy of his close friend.

Feud Taylor swift with the family Kardashian-West began about 10 years ago: in 2009, Kanye West ruined the moment the singer award at the MTV VMAs, and then it started. By the way, is Kanye sure that the Taylor principle has become known.

In 2016, West released the track, which was the line “I made that bitch famous,” dedicated to the blonde singer. Swift sued for illegal use of his name. Then, Kim Kardashian has decided to stand up for her husband and recorded a series of videos in which he called Taylor a snake.

Fans of the Kardashian family pounced on the singer by showering her with insults and malicious comments: started this persecution. Taylor swift is still painfully recalls the time when she fought tens of thousands of haters.

It really is eerily fragile Taylor, who keeps bad memories of 10 years ago, forced Selena Gomez to remove a laudatory post on the offender? Or is it the people’s anger?