Selena Gomez is upset about Bella Hadid

A few days ago 27-year-old Selena Gomez is not only signed up for a 23-year-old Bella Hadid in Instagram, but allowed myself and other “daring” — she commented on a picture of a model posing for Dior.

Селена Гомес расстроилась из-за Беллы Хадид


— wrote the singer.

However, the model soon after review this Selena deleted the post that the singer was very upset.

A screenshot of this comment has kept the fan community Gomez, and wrote that this picture in the account of Bella is no more.

It sucks

— did not hide his disappointment Gomez.

The behavior of the Bella is quite simple to explain — it seems she can not forgive Selene her affair with The Weeknd, which is a model and she was in a romantic relationship. However, despite the fact that the guy at Hadid Gomez didn’t steal, Bella holding on artist of the offense — because Dating a rapper Selena began just six weeks after he broke up with the model (where is the female solidarity?). Selena, it seems, actively trying to establish a relationship with Bella, especially as a musician she had not intended, but Hadid — a proud bird and has yet to forgive the singer is not ready.

Before the girl, by the way, was from each other in mutual subscriptions, but then Bella after learning about the affair former lover and singer, Selena unsubscribed from. That, in turn, followed the example of the model and also after a while I cancel Hadid. Why is Gomez now suddenly decided to improve relations with the model, hard to say. But fans of the stars have risen to her defense, saying that she is trying to support women and makes it very nice. But Bella’s behavior they do not approve.

She was so rude to Selena! I think the kindness was not her strong point,

— they wrote.