Selena Gomez once again fell into depression

A new photo that was posted on days 27-year-old Selena Gomez upset her fans.

The singer shared a selfie in which she captured myself in bed, hiding under the blanket and without the slightest trace of cosmetics.

Селена Гомес вновь впала в депрессию

At the same time, Selena looks in this picture absolutely miserable and dejected. Completed the picture of a signature made by Gomez in the picture. She says: “I’m all the time now…”

Fans of the singer immediately realized that this picture of Selena published a week after the wedding, her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber just a couple of hours after the publication of the first official photos of the wedding singer. Fans Gomez has decided that it can’t be a coincidence.

Селена Гомес вновь впала в депрессию

It seems that the singer, who last year was treated for depression, happened a relapse of her illness. And it is connected most likely with the wedding Bieber

Because last year Selena is in rehab shortly after it became known that Justin has got the status of married men, registering their marriage with Hailey Baldwin in the appropriate office.

As claimed by the girlfriend of the singer, she was shocked by this news. Selena couldn’t believe how Justin, a novel which lasted her for nearly four years, was able so quickly to forget it.

After all, they broke up just months before as Bieber called his wife the other — that is Haley.